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The Electric Monk Media library includes documentary and short horror films; an odd mix of stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The documentaries seem at work on the relationship between humans and nature. The short horror films play with feelings of discomfort and the depths of our desires. An Electric Monk Media production leverages our development team to deliver high production value and unusual surprises.




Directed by Dylan Fries and Michael Sanders | 80 Min | Documentary

Available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Steam
Distributed by Devolver Digital Films

Journey into the souls of countrymen to experience the triumph and heartbreak of a world-class beard. Delight in their daring stories, futuristic looks, and proud traditions. Men with Beards is a celebration of inner strength and personal growth. Man up.

Men with Beards is a feature-length documentary, that after a successful Indiegogo campaign, was released with theatre screenings in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Oakland and Houston. Men with Beards was originally distributed by Devolver Digital Films of Austin, TX, with sales of 15,000+ units thanks to a HumbleBundle release and launch on Steam. Men with Beards is currently distributed by Indie Rights of Los Angeles, CA and is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Xbox, Vudu and TubiTV.

Men with Beards is a feature-length documentary produced by Electric Monk Media and distributed by Devolver Digital Films of Austin, TX.  



Written & Directed by Marc Greene  |  10 Min  |  Horror

Starring Quinn Greene, Mallory James, Conan Hodgkinson, Rick Gensiorek, Sarah Slater
Distributed by Devolver Digital Films

Let out of his cage and the hunt begins. Witness the cunning and blood lust of the top predator in these strange woods. This family shares in an unusual pursuit and twisted rituals. Don’t Waste a Precious Minute; confront the unknown and escape the trophy kill.

Don’t Waste A Precious Minute was distributed by Devolver Digital Films and has screened at the Days of the Dead Festival, Gimli Film Festival, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival and Madhouse Movies Film Festival. For his work as writer and director on Don’t Waste A Precious Minute, Marc Greene was nominated for an Indigenous Film Award at the 2019 Manito Ahbee Festival.


“Creep and effective” - Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night)



Directed by Michael Sanders | 51 Min | Documentary

Available on MTS TV - Stories From Home

The Private Lives of Wild Creatures or Robert Taylor Was Not a Famous Man is a film about polar bears, great gray owls and following your passion for the outdoors. A pioneer of eco-tourism, Robert Taylor explored, guided and took photographs that have helped define our nation, shape public opinion, and capture imaginations.

The Private Lives of Wild Creatures premiered at the Gimli Film Festival in Q2 2016. Part biography and part natural history documentary, it explores the art and science of Canada’s Arctic, boreal and prairie regions.

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Doc Moose

Experience moose in Manitoba like never before with the world-famous Doc Moose as your guide. Get up close and personal with the challenges facing this iconic species and share in Dr. Vince Crichton’s definitive collection of rare and unusual encounters.

Episode 1: Moose in Manitoba are declining in numbers. Doc Moose draws from his forty years of service in wildlife management to introduce the issues that justify his call to action.

Episode 2: Moose have antlers. Moose do not have horns. Witness unbelievable racks and oddities from the wilds of Manitoba, as Doc Moose translates the language of antlers.

Episode 3: From tender moments to life-and-death struggles, Doc Moose will reveal the subtle and not-so subtle signs that the rutting season is in full swing in Manitoba.

Episode 4: Experience a wilderness hunt and learn from Doc Moose how we can work together to conserve the moose population in Manitoba for future generations.

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Love Song

Their relationship is on the rocks, again. Her long walk on the beach grow longer to escape him, and maybe the wine is now making her see things different. Suddenly, she is interrupted by a gruesome discovery and a chain of events that will lead to her unravelling. Ahead there is a strange woman tossed up like driftwood at the water’s edge and her distress call is bloody terrifying. When her husband appears draw to this woman, she has no inkling of the depths to the depravity that will soon engulf her world. This Love Song is not music to her ears.

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Puttin’ Down Roots

Puttin’ Down Roots is an artistic take on gardening and creation. Engage your senses and frolic amongst native plants to gain a fresh perspective on the rites of spring on the prairie. From farm to forest to urban environments, explore what the buzz is about and marvel in the beauty and resilience of what grows wild in Manitoba. Prepare to get your hands dirty and nurture a unique beauty that speaks of a land rich and diverse.

Puttin’ Down Roots was produced for BellMTS Fibe TV1 and premiered in Q3 2017. This short film has screened at public events, gardening festivals, and is being used as an educational tool for schoolchildren.


Collaborate with Electric Monk Media to tell your story and leverage our creative talent and industry connections. Strategize with our team and we can help you realize your creative or commercial project. Our film and screen work includes a TV pilot, music videos, TV commercials, trailers for video games, corporate videos, marketing and social media content. Our R&D work has allowed us to refine an animation pipeline that offers huge production value for an accessible price. For select clients, Electric Monk Media offers cinematography, editing, colour grade and other post-production services.