Next Generation Interactive

Electric Monk Media develops cutting edge interactive properties for multiple platforms. Lately we've been working with the new and exciting Oculus Rift developing next generation Virtual Reality experiences. We are in development on a number of projects in partnership with a wide array of researchers from the University of Manitoba exploring technology, ethics, and next generation narrative storytelling using Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift.

Creative Direction

  • Multi-player games that reward cooperation
  • Story-driven experiences that engage the emotions
  • Problem-solving tools that model social and environmental issues

VR Services

  • UI & UX development for the Oculus Rift
  • Unity development and VR porting
  • VR consulting, testing and research


Space Madness


Rise Of the Robot Overlords

Follow a campaign that will take you from the cold and desolate Moons of Neptune, through the claustrophobic twisted tunnels of the Overlord Motherships, and back to the deserts of earth. Experience the thrill of victory and the bitterness of crushing defeat as you face a merciless and powerful enemy bent on annihilating all humans.


Electric Monk has partnering with Dr. Struan Sinclair to create a immersive new media experience unlike anything seen before. Set within a dreamlike world, Tomorrowless is a bold experiment in virtual narratives and interactive fiction.

Embodying Empathy

Electric Monk Media has partnered with a team of multi-disciplinary researchers from the U of M to create a project that examines the ability of new digital technologies to represent experiences of suffering in contemporary museums, specifically of residential school survivors.