Digital & Interactive

We build apps, games, and VR experiences.

See below for examples of our current and past work



Coffee Gets You There (In Development)

Coffee Gets You There is a "totally accurate simulation" of a coffee drinker's daily commute to work.

The goal is to get to work on time, but it's early and you're a little weak in the knees.  What did you do last night anyway? This walking thing isn't as easy as you remembered. Luckily you have a travel mug full of coffee, hooray!


VR Work &
NRC Project


Mention research + Devin of point cloud data

Laser Scanning


Propaganda Llama

Propaganda Llama puts you in control of the government broadcast machine on a mission to indoctrinate the masses and consolidate power with The Lleader. As you campaign the countryside, utilize the one-button interface to spread fluff to silence the resistance. Do not be fooled by a cuddly exterior, these are aspiring overlords. Lloyalty before dishonour!


Winnipeg Architecture App