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Originality across platforms is the guiding force at Electric Monk Media. We plan and execute clever ways to access and explore a story through apps, games, and VR experiences. We specialize in work with the Unity game engine. Our team can produce, test, and market projects in-house for quality control and efficiency. We are indie developers with an eclectic skill set and a long-term focus.



Coffee Gets You There (In Development)

You hold a mighty elixir known to promote strength, coordination, and resilience to collisions. Manage your intake, endure the shakes, avoid the caffeine crash and arrive at your place of employment fresh and ready. How? Coffee gets you there!

In this “totally accurate simulation”, try to survive without coffee and get to work with strategicrationing and bursts of inspired gameplay. Coffee Gets You There confronts dark and robustthemes while playing with the silly physics of being under the influence of nothing.

Coffee Gets You There was created by Kevin Whitmore, Lead Developer for Electric MonkMedia, during Coffee Jam 2018. His demo is available on

Electric Monk Media is working towards a development deal that expands the story to include on-the-job hijinks as a museum security guard with flashbacks to war-time scenes. Or we may first promote a smaller independent release of Coffee Gets You There in Q1 2020.


VR Work &
NRC Project


Mention research + Devin of point cloud data

Laser Scanning


Propaganda Llama

Take control of the government broadcast machine, indoctrinate the masses and consolidate power with The Lleader. Campaign the countryside and make deft use of the one-button interface to spread fluff and silence the resistance. Do not be fooled by a cuddly exterior, these are aspiring overlords. Lloyalty before dishonour!

Propaganda Llama was developed by Space Wagon Games and published by Electric Monk Media. The game was released on Steam in Q4 2018 for Mac and PC. Play Propaganda Llama and share in puzzling and adorable political intrigue.


Winnipeg Architecture App


Phantom of the Forest

The badass of the boreal forest moves in silence, plunges headfirst into the snow, and kills seven times daily. Play from the perspective of a great gray owl, consume voles, fight adversity, avoid predators, and experience moments of peace and beauty.

Phantom of the Forest is a family game built in Unity for play on the Oculus VR headsets. We demoed this project at many public and industry events constantly refining the experience, our work with the camera tools, and also testing the limits of the VR experience.


Embodying Empathy is a virtual reality “storyworld” that immerses users in the experiences of Indigenous students who attended Indian Residential Schools. The project is based on the Fort Alexander Indian Residential School that operated from 1906 to 1970 on the Sagkeeng First Nation near Powerview, Manitoba, and is the result of more than four years of collaboration between IRS survivors, scholars, and technology professionals. The project is community-based and collaborative, with questions of ethics, trauma and accessibility considered in the consultation process.

Electric Monk Media participated as an industry partner, working with the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the English Media Lab at the University of Manitoba to help build and test prototypes of the virtual residential school. This project was released in Q3 2018 and development is expected to be ongoing.


The Centre for Education and Work (CEW) looked to VR to power a portable, gesture-based tool using tactile controls that could be used for scholastic and/or industry training. manouVR is a safe and fun way for youth to try their hand at mig-welding, and also as a training tool with the accuracy and feel that professionals demand.

Electric Monk Media provided R&D, Unity programming, 3D artwork, and project management on this VR application, plus motion control and a custom hardware interface. We demoed several prototypes at events for industry professionals, students and educators, allowing their feedback to inform refinements to the user experience and new features.


Excerpts from Marketing Magazine, August 10th, 2016: “Recycle Everywhere is challenging consumers in Manitoba to take a break from Pokémon Go and try out a new augmented reality (AR) app designed to encourage recycling. Created by Dash Agency in collaboration with Electric Monk Media, the Recycling Starts Here app was designed to increase awareness of the blue recycling bins the organization operates around the province. Consumers who download the app can point their phones at any blue bin, which will prompt a digital experience that tells them what items can and can’t be recycled. The launch for the app comes just a few weeks after Pokémon Go’s massive popularity put AR technology at the forefront of mainstream consciousness.”


Electric Monk Media assembled a ten-member team to prototype a local, multi-player mobile game called Krakkenhol. We ported the game to Unity, added pathfinding, AI, 2D and 3D art, music and sound effects. Vagabond Dog also had an artistic vision for the video trailer for Sometimes Always Monsters, and Electric Monk Media was tapped to make it a reality.


Originality across platforms can also apply to your stories. Work with Electric Monk Media to realize your creative and commercial vision. We provide technical consultation and project builds for advertising agencies, and we work directly with progressive businesses that have an eye for quality and an appreciation for value. Consider Electric Monk Media if your story calls for something out of the ordinary to make an impact.