Design & Photography

Electric Monk Media works with story to inspire audiences into action. Our creative and technical talent can deliver the wow factor across platforms, leveraging traditional marketing with emerging technologies to direct action towards your brand. Our team can manage campaigns or focus on special projects and our depth includes graphic designers, 3D modellers, photographers, writers, and our film production team. Also, leverage our connections with top freelancers and independent folks including social media specialists, sound designers, artists and illustrators



The above gallery showcases the design work that we have completed so far, including:

Special Reserve Games (SRG) (Enter the Gungeon and Messenger), as well as photography portraits for editorial and fashion, and firefighter calendars.


Special Reserve Games (SRG)

Special Reserve Games delivers physical editions of the best indie video games, paired with exceptional collectibles to bring those digital titles to life. They create games for PC, PS4, Switch, and Vita, and offer an expanding array of titles from some of the most creative game developers in the world. Electric Monk Media has worked with Special Reserve Games for over two years to deliver an interesting mix of work including book design, art, packaging, 3D modeling, animation, trade show and promotional materials.


Our relationship with the CFBTS goes back over ten years. Electric Monk Media was trusted with producing the CFBTS fundraising calendar and providing marketing materials for their events. The five-day annual photo shoot was always heavy on fire, special effects, and creative locations. The CFBTS calendar was consistently ranked amongst the top 5 firefighter calendars in the world. Electric Monk Media also worked with the CFBTS to create video content for volunteer recruitment and social media outreach.