Evolution as a mechanic

I've been working on ways to model environments using Unity. One of the core pieces of this is allowing for a natural feeling evolution mechanic. I've built this demo as the base of a larger ecosystem project. It starts out with a single tree, and introduces mutations in the growth patterns and colors as it progresses. Each tree spawns other trees which carry the same genetic material as the parent, with mutations compounding over time. The result is quite a complex and diverse scene that is procedurally generated as the game progresses. I hope to expand this demo in the future to involve both other types of plants and creatures. Currently, it is just a passive demo. Let it run for a while and you'll see the trees evolve by color and by growth speeds, leaving a scene that shows a great deal of complexity, a natural distribution and a variety of characteristics in a few short generations. 

I think understanding evolution and having a chance to play around with it is a great learning tool that can help us understand the state of our environment today. I loved playing games such as SimEarth, SimCity and Civilization as a kid and would love to see more projects along those lines. If you're interested in this project or would like to learn more please drop me a line at dylan@electricmonkmedia.com.